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Emery has been a leading innovator and fiber molding solution provider for decades. Sustainability is one of the core values of the company’s business philosophy, which has helped us secure customers in 50 countries across 4 continents.








wdt_ID Customer Country
1 Este Asiatico Comercio e Industria Ltda. Brazil
2 Cascades Inc. Canada
3 Fripp Fibre Forms (Now part of UFR, Canada) Canada
4 Kord Products Canada
5 Urban Forest Recyclers Canada
6 Shanghai American-European Enterprises Co. Ltd. China
7 New Times Printing & Paper Products Co. China
8 Yee Fung Polyfoam Ltd. China
9 Kymmene Aktiebolag Finland
10 Societe L'Hexagone SA France
Customer Country


I think the Emery moulding machine requires less maintenance and therefore less downtime than any of the other pulp moulding machines on the market today.
—Peter Bladen Operations Manager, Fripp Fibre Forms Inc.

At UFR (108 Rotary) we have come to think of you more as a business partner than a supplier. This is a direct result of your quick response and commitment to solving any problems we had with the equipment. Further, as you have heard from one of our major filler flat distributors, we have the best filler flat he has ever sold and he has sold for almost every manufacturer in the business. While two of his other suppliers are using your equipment, I am sure that one of the reasons our product is judged superior is a direct result of you and your fine team of professionals to ensure the quality of our product is like the equipment, second to none.
—Kevin Stangland, Urban Forest Recyclers (UFR) Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

We started in mid-March 1994. By mid-June 1994 we were running 85 dpm day in, day out. It has not been necessary to slow the machine down, except for a few minor problems, which were quickly solved. We are currently running 2.5% downtime, 0.2% broken products, and 93.5% utilization producing filler flats.
—Rob Jennett, Envirosys, Moorhead MN USA
Mr. Murakami of Jujo Pack Co Ltd. Japan informed me …the transfer has the unique four cam design giving the most accurate alignment which surpasses all other makes and as there are lots of parts made of stainless steel, it has so far no corrosion problems, also he appreciated very much your continuous superb after sales service.
—Kai Cheung, Assistant manager – Kanematsu, Japan
During the three years I was associated with the Molded Fibre Division of Packaging Corporation of America the Emery machine in Los Angeles consistently outperformed the Diamond and PCA equipment. It was superior in : Operating speeds, Downtime, Quality and Service.
—Dale Meyer, Former Vice President & General Manager, Molded Fibre Division, Packaging Corporation of America

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