Product Attributes


Emery is driven by innovation and customer service.  We are partnering with small and large companies in various industries to produce all types of fiber products with  thermoformed, thick wall, transfer molded, or processed attributes.

Molded fiber products, manufactured with waste paper or other natural fibers (which are essentially cellulose) and are recyclable along with other waste paper are biodegradable, and compostable where facilities are available. They can also be incinerated without damaging incinerators.

Both fiber & water are recycled and reused in manufacturing, resulting in almost zero waste. There are no toxic or hazardous waste materials expelled into the environment.


Emery is focusing on the production of egg cartons, clamshells, plates, and cups. Our products are non-toxic, water and oil resistant, and durable.

We are also partnering with customers to introduce new designs for egg trays, egg cartons, meat trays, apple trays, fruit trays, hospital trays, urinal bottles, paper bottles, floor mats, pizza boxes, paper pallets, paper toilets, paper coffins, paper hangers… and several more.

Thick Wall 

Manufactured using a single mold with product wall thickness from about 3/16 to 3/8 inches (5mm to 10mm). One surface is relatively smooth, with one side rough. Primarily used for support packaging of non-fragile, heavier items. (vehicle parts; furniture, motors etc.). As well as, plant, floral and nursery pots and containers. Oven dried.


Manufactured using one forming mold and one transfer mold with product wall thickness from about 1/8 to 3/16 inches (3mm to 5mm). Surfaces are relatively smooth on both sides. Most common use is for egg cartons and trays. New designs are used for many types of electronic product packaging such as cell phones, DVD players etc. Also, used for hospital disposables, electrical appliances, office equipment, tableware and fruit and drink trays. Oven dried.


Manufactured using multiple heated molds with product wall thickness of about 3/32 to 5/32 inches (2mm to 4mm). Surfaces are smooth and forms are well detailed with minimal draft angles. Products are dried in the mold and no oven curing is needed. Due to the hot mold pressing process, the walls are somewhat more dense. 


This type is referred to molded fiber products that require some type of secondary or special treatment other than simply being molded and cured. 

High Quality Egg Packaging

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